Fashion elite may see a new style immediately when it walks out the door in New York, but how long before that trend grabs hold around the country? What makes that trend stick? And most importantly, who says what trends should stick?

We’re at a point in social communication where 86% of Americans online take at least one selfie per week, and one-third take at least three per week (according to a Travelzoo Inc. poll).

That number is staggering.

When pairing those last two ideas, DRESD was the only step that we could think of. Fashion trends are born on runways or in high-rises and then filtered down to the masses through celebrities, magazines and high-end retailers.

What if there was a way that you could set the trends?

You get dressed every day in the hottest styles. You’ve created an outfit and dressed it up with the accessories that look better than any E! celebrity has ever worn. You spend your time in thrift-shops or sifting through antique jewelry looking for something amazing. So why aren’t you setting the trends?

Take that mentality and compound it among your friends (whom all look stunning). Now you’ve got a whole fashion team. Then, walk outside and you’ve become an icon.

DRESD is here to build your fashion status & define your style among your peers. Submit your photo, ask for tips or just show off your style prowess.

In the words of Oscar de la Renta, "Fashion is about dressing according to what's fashionable. Style is about being yourself."